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Michelle Agopsowicz, BCR, MSW, RSW

Michelle Agopsowicz has a Masters in Social Work, a Bachelors in Disability Studies and is a Reiki Master.  Michelle offers counselling and education opportunities from a holistic, trauma informed perspective.  She aims to create wellness and balance through the integration of traditional counselling and mindfulness techniques.  This approach has developed through her own journey of having an autoimmune condition, trauma, and anxiety. 

She offers practices and discussions that can guide us to live a more fulfilled and authentic experience with self compassion. She believes strongly that trauma is a universal human experience that affects the body, mind, and spirit.  She believes that addressing our suffering leads to a journey that is beautiful, painful and ultimately reconstructs our fundamental meaning of compassion, humanity and our place in the world.

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Please note: at this time Illuminated Path Counselling may only accept counselling clients from the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario.

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